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Indiana Hospital Association


IHA delivers educational programs throughout the year to representatives from nearly every Indiana hospital. Topics range from issues briefings, to patient safety, to executive development. You must be a member of the IHA to attend educational meetings.

Indiana State Department of Health

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The Indiana State Department of Health believes that the following agency priorities will have the most impact on the way it operates and on its ability to deliver on its Mission and Vision:

• Decrease disease incidence and burden
• Improve response and preparedness networks and capabilities
• Reduce administrative costs through improving operational efficiencies
• Recruitment, evaluation, and retention of top talent in public health
• Better use of information and data from electronic sources to develop and sponsor outcomes-driven programs
•Improve relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, coalitions and networks throughout the State of Indiana

State of Indiana EMS


Indiana's pre-hospital emergency care system strives to ensure that the highest level of emergency medical care is received by Hoosiers and visitors alike. That system is regulated by the Indiana EMS Commission, a governor-appointed board whose policies and procedures are supported by the Emergency Medical Services Branch, Fire and Building Safety Division of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.