Converse works hard at maintaining the values of the past while planning and progressing into the future.

Converse "sets the pace" with determination and innovation and continues in the tradition of community growth and quality of life. Converse has strong roots in agriculture and has kept that hard-work ethic and maintained values of personal home-town service where everyone knows your name. And Converse keeps abreast of the newest technology available.

Converse has always been a family-oriented community and has done its homework to raise the educational level with a students to teacher-ratio of 16 to 1.



Fairmount is a town in Fairmount Township, Grant County in the east central part of the U.S. state of Indiana. The population was 2,992 at the 2000 census. It is ninety kilometers (fifty-five miles) northeast of Indianapolis. Largely a bedroom community to its three thousand citizens, Fairmount is best known as the boyhood home of actor James Dean, who is buried there.



In 1904, a complete woolly mammoth skeleton was discovered near Lake Galatia. The mammoth bones ended up at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The farmer who owned the land sued his tenant, who found the remains. A jury sided with the farmer, declaring that the mammoth was real estate and not an instance of finders keepers, losers weepers.

Gas City

600 boomtown photo

Gas City, formerly known as Harrisburg, began as a "boom town" when an abundance of natural gas was found in this vicinity in 1887. The original settlement of Harrisburg was platted May 25, 1867. Noah Harris, the founder, was born June 22, 1823 and died in August 1913. Mr. Harris was a fur trader in his early years, later becoming interested in real estate and the nursery business.



The first log cabin in Jonesboro, purchased by Obadiah Jones in 1834. Obadiah Jones founded the town of Jonesboro and lived on Main Street in this cabin. On display in the Jonesboro Park, restored and maintained today by the Jonesboro Historical Society. Site of the annual Old Settlers’ Day Festival.


marion indiana

The City of Marion is the home of Indiana Wesleyan University. IWU has been Indiana's fastest-growing University for the past two years. The University's total enrollment, which now exceeds 15,000 students, makes IWU the largest private university in Indiana

The Marion Philharmonic Orchestra and the Marion Civic Theatre provide musical and dramatic entertainment. The six-time state basketball champions, Marion Giants, play in the 7,500 seat Bill Green Athletic Arena. Marion General Hospital has been nationally accredited for over a half-century.



Today, Matthews is the home to over 50 businesses and many other town organizations. The Matthews Town Board runs the community and recently a new town organization called the Matthews Area Chamber has been formed to help in the development of the area



By the turn of the century Swayzee had reached its peak in size, population, and number of businesses. The natural gas had run out and a series of catastrophic events would almost bring the town to its knees. In 1901, the glass factory exploded, in 1906 the lumberyard burned down, along with both churches in 1918 and the flourmill in 1926. Instead of rebuilding, most of the businesses moved out of town to Marion, Gas City or Muncie, leaving Swayzee to be a peaceful little rural community.



Sweetser is home to the annual Pumpkin Walk, a community-wide parade down Main Street held near Halloween, which features costume judging contests and pumpkin carving contests.



Today, Upland is the home of The Pierce Company , the famous ice cream of Ivanhoes, the beautiful Memorial Park, and the highly rated Taylor University just to name a few.

Upland benefited from the gas boom in central Indiana which started in 1886 and carried on until around 1900 when the gas supply began to decline. Gas was first discovered in Upland in 1888, and this new resource allowed the town to flourish and grow. By the 1890s, the town had a population of over 1000, street lights, water and gas lines, and a glass manufacturing plant

Van Buren

popcorn w

Popcorn Festival

The tradition that began in 1973 continues each year in August. People from Indiana and other states make summer plans scheduled around the Popcorn Festival. School class reunions are planned around the festival dates. On Saturday evening at the festival, the crowds enjoy one more night of music and entertainment, one more favorite food, and one more chance to meet a friend they have not seen for a long time. The festival planners, feel “we did it again, “ it is almost over” and “all the work was worth it“. The committee meets again in October to evaluate the festival just passed.