What is the Grant County Community Health Profile?


A comprehensive community health needs assessment developed by Marion General Hospital, Indiana Wesleyan University, Taylor University, Ivy Tech State College, and various other Community Health Services within Grant County.

Health needs assessments are an effective way to find out what people are thinking and how they feel about their personal health and the well-being of their community. All contacts and responses are confidential.

The Community Health Profile will allow citizens to:

Gather information about attitudes and opinions regarding issues, problems, or opportunities within our communityRank issues, problems, and opportunities in order of importance and urgencyGive everyone a voice in determining health policy, goals, and prioritiesDetermine citizen support for health initiativesEvaluate current community health programs and policies

What is the purpose?

To provide a variety of useful information that can assist individuals and organizations in improving community health and maximizing health resources in Grant County.

Why should I participate in the Community Health Profile?

The information collected will be very important to local, regional, and state leaders in applying for funding to improve the health of your community. Your participation will impact your community.

What is meant by the term “community?”

Where you live, work, or go to school.

What is meant by the term “health?”

Health includes education, prevention, care, and treatment activities concerning personal health, family health, community health, and health services.

What is a “Focus Group”?

A Focus Group is a meeting anyone can attend where a facilitator/speaker will ask questions and coordinate discussion about community health issues. You will be invited to attend a focus group within your community.

How can I participate in the Community Health Profile?

Complete an anonymous survey (online or paper copy); and/or attend a focus group.

Who is eligible to participate in the Grant County Community Health Profile?

Anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Grant County.

What kind of study is this?

The Grant County Community Health Profile is exploratory research because it is based on convenience (non-probability) sampling.

Is the survey anonymous?


Who needs to be involved?

Everyone interested in learning more about the health of the community need to become part of collecting, organizing, and owning the project to lend support and credibility. It takes time, leadership, management, and cooperation for the project to be completed. You are invited and encouraged to participate. Look for newspaper articles, radio spots, employee newsletters, telephone interviews, and many other forums for you to become involved. Your answers are important.

Where will you complete the interviews and surveys?

Students from Grant County universities will ask for volunteers from your employments, schools, athletic events, clubs, service groups, churches, and other meeting places within the County. If you want to participate and are not given an opportunity by November 15, 2011, please phone……and ask for a written survey to be mailed to you.

How will you conduct a community health profile?

Step 1: Establish a committee to obtain citizen and community involvement - DONE
Step 2: List important issues to be addressed - DONE
Step 3: Identify the population to be surveyed – DONE
Step 4: Determine the information that is needed -- existing information and new information by using a survey or questionnaire - In-Process
Step 5: Select a random sample of persons to survey – In-Process
Step 6: Develop and pretest a questionnaire – DONE
Step 7: Collect information – Fall and Winter, 2011
Step 8: Analyze the data – Spring, 2012
Step 9: Report the results – Summer, 2012

When will you let the community know the results?

In the late spring and summer 2012, the results will be available through public meetings, the newspaper, and other informal methods. Written copies will be distributed to all agencies involved in the assessment process.