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MGH 2016 Community Health Survey Introduction PDF

Introduction and Report:

In 2010 and 2013, a community wide survey was administered across Grant County to provide a comprehensive assessment of the community’s health status, behaviors, and education. The following is the third assessment for the year of 2016.

The forthcoming report will be laid out in the following manner:

I. Executive Study—summary highlights of the 2016 community health survey data
II. Survey methodology and considerations
III. Output—descriptive statistics results (tables & bar charts) from the survey data

MGH 2016 Community Health Survey Data Output & Analysis PDF

MGH 2016—Special Report for Diabetes Data Set PDF

Introduction & Overview

The following is a brief overview for a special “Diabetes” data set. The data was collected in a 2016 hand printed survey, with a sample size of 69. The following report is laid out as follows: Section I provides an overview of the sample data, highlighting some of the more salient demographic features of survey participants in addition to results of interest. Section II is a collection of each survey question accompanied by descriptive statistics and a bar chart.

Summary of Community Health Improvement for 2016 - 2019

Introduction & Overview

Marion General Hospital fully understands the importance and necessity of positively transforming the health of the community we serve. We wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity to do so. Determining the health care needs of rural areas such as ours can be difficult. To facilitate community health improvement a Community Benefit Team was created

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